Cooking Tips


Ribeye Steak

No need to over-think this one!!! You’ve got the best steak in the counter. Just season it up & place on a hot grill, 4 min on each side to sear in the juices. Turn heat down to a med temp & cook 4-6 mins each side. Keep in mind you can always throw it back on the grill if it needs more cooking, but you cannot reverse an over-cooked steak!! So err on the side of rare & sear that steer over high heat!!

Beef Hanger Steak

Hanger steak is a thick strip of meat that hangs between the rib & the loin (hence the name hanger steak). Like a skirt steak, a hanger steak is full of flavor and best served medium rare. You can marinate the steak for 4-6 hours before cooking or just place the steak on a hot grill. Cook for 4-6 min each side. Remove from the grill and let stand for 5 min. Slice thin & serve. You will get addicted to this one.

Beef Tri-Tip

Beef tri-tip is perfect for many uses. Grill it up low & slow, then serve as is or cut it up for steaks, fajitas, tacos, or anything that calls for a flavorful tender meat. Lightly season the tri-tip and place on hot grill & sear 3 min. each side. Turn the heat down to med temp & cook for 40 min total, turning the tri-tip over every 10 mins. Serve medium rare.
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